The Listons and Maid Marion

From the early sources we see that the Liston family descend from Godfrey The Chamberlain and Avicia De Liston. Her father was Robert De Liston so at this point the male line of the Liston family changed. So who were the original De Liston family before 1185, probably consisting of Robert, Avicias father and maybe Roger who was an active witness to charters in Scotland. One possibility is the De Valoignes family, Peter De Valoigne had accompanied William the conqueror and in reward he was granted land mainly in Essex. Some claim his wife was the sister of Eudo Dapifer one of the founders of the Sinclair family. They had several sons and daughters one of whom was Roger. Roger was married to an Agnes. A thought occurred to me that if this Agnes was the same one who had been married to Geoffrey Talbot then it would explain how one of the two Liston manors transferred from Geoffrey Talbot. Roger had a son called Robert which could possibly be identified as Avicias father. Robert may have had to have married Eschina daughter of Walter Fitz Alan high steward of Scotland and she is recorded as having a daughter called Avicia. The fact that Robert had a brother called Philip who became Chamberlain of Scotland after Godfrey also suggests the connection. There is also a brother called Adam who could be the Adam de Alliston mentioned at Stansfeld about 5 miles north of Liston in Essex in a 1224 feet of fines. An interesting observation on this feet of fines is that the Judiciar in charge was Robert De Lexington part of the Lexington family that went to Limerick.What has this to do with Maid Marion, well Robert De Valogne had a mother daughter Gunnor who married as her second husband Robert Fitz Walter and had a daughter named Matilda aka Maid Marion. The story can be read here

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Origins of the surname Liston and Alliston