The Early Liston Family

The early Listons were not of course the male line ancestors of the Allistons of Essex or Listons of Edinburgh as we know that Robert De Lyston was the father of Avicia De Lyston who held Liston in 1185. The current family descend from her husband Godfrey the Chamberlain. So who was Robert ?

We know that at the time of the Domesday in 1086, Liston was split into two manors, one with held by Ilbod and the other by Geoffrey Talbot who held it from Hugh of Gournay. Ilbods manor is relatively straight forward to trace as Ilbods brother was Arnulf De Hesdin. Arnulfs daughter Avelina was married to Alan Flitz Flaad and their son Walter married Eschina de Londris (London). Their daughter was called Eschina and her daughter was called Avicia. ( Charles Crawley ). But who was Avicias Father and how did both Liston manors come into the hands of one family.

From Charles Crawley Medlands project on we see that Geoffrey was married to an Agnes and they had one recorded child another Geoffrey. Geoffrey the father was dead by 1130 , Geoffrey the son died in Hereford 22 Aug 1140, bur Gloucester. He was fighting King Stephen at the time. He had no known children. So how did Geoffreys manor of Liston get to Robert before 1185?

One possibilty is the Valougne family. Roger De Valoigne married an Agnes as his second wife, they had several sons one of whom was Robert. Rogers mother was Albreda who some claim was sister of Eudo Dapifer or Sinclair. It was the Sancto Claro family who shared the advowson of the church of Liston in the 1220’s.

Origins of the surname Liston and Alliston