Feet Of Fines Translated

The 1224 Feet of Fines when John son of Adam De Alliston sells land at Stanfeld Suffolk , about 10 miles from the village of Liston in Essex.


This is the final concord, made in the court of our Lord the King at Westminster in the Octave of Saint Martin in the ninth year of the reign of king Henry the son of John [11 Nov 1224].

Before Martin de Pateshill, Thomas de Muleton, Thomas de Hardham, Robert de Lexin[g]ton [and] Geoffrey Savage, Justiciars, and other faithful subjects of our Lord the King then and there present.

Between John the son of Adam de Alliston, complainant and Robert de Ernestedel defendant, concerning thirty acres of land, with the appurtenances in Stanfeld. In respect whereof there was a plea between them in the aforesaid land, with the appurtenances, to the right of the same Robert.

To have and to hold to the same Robert and his heirs, of the aforesaid John and his heirs for ever.
Yielding annually in respect thereof six shillings, at two terms of the year, that is to say,one half at Easter and the other half at the Feast of Saint Micheal, for all service and exaction. And for this recognizance, fine and agreement, the aforesaid Robert has given to the same John twenty four shillings sterling.

And it is to be known that the aforesaid Robert and his heirs will acquit the same land against the chief lords of the fee in that place of the services which pertain to them in respect thereof.


Martin de Pateshill stood in for the King when Henry III was a minor (to young to rule)
Henry III declared himself of age in 1227.


Translation kindly provided by Michael J Wood author of The Descendants of Robert William Elliston, Adelaide Proformat, 1995 – Australia

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